SDG, Inc. is a leading software firm, pioneering the development of revolutionary applications for controlling business management processes. Utilizing result-oriented, flexible solutions, SDG, Inc. delivers one of the most valuable and powerful tools for modern business management Information Monitoring and Control. Our ability to plan, control and execute mission-critical processes guarantees not only risk free management decisions, but also an improved competitive edge.

Our applications take control over the huge flow of information produced by your business' activities and funnel it into the right management processes. By managing schedules, contacts and customer relations, we have created the first integrated platform to marry process-centric management and information, generating higher realization rates. We enable the alignment of people, communications and production, delivering best-in-class solutions for each of the key processes within the daily management lifecycle.

Established in 1985, we offer a suite of applications that can be adapted to personal as well as to corporate management objectives. These applications enable higher visibility and control, with more predictable and efficient decisions - on time, on budget, and within scope. Serving a wide range of market sectors, we have earned a strong reputation as a reliable and professional resource. We enable our clients to make the most effective decisions in real time, maximizing production and revealing the potential hidden obstacles that might cause long term damage.

As a pioneer in its field, SDG, Inc. is your best option for implementing processes and development methodologies that fit your organization. Our solutions reflect a dramatic advance over traditional practices, optimizing performance and generating an improved prioritization of your management objectives. Hundreds of professionals and companies have already adopted our products because they trust our tradition of delivering professional, industry-proven services. Join us today and boost your management capabilities and performance.

We look forward to hearing from you. We anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you for considering our services.
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Although licenses for our existing applications are available, we currently are not taking on new clients.

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