About Us  

Since 1985 SDG, Inc. has been evolving to become a premier source for information technology management services. Our success derives from our proven ability to create and provide customer-driven solutions for all levels of the enterprise, supported by industry-leading consulting services. Today, SDG is continually refining its solutions to deliver more efficient and intelligent ways to streamline your critical processes, and to help you make better decisions - faster.

When gaining control over the entire manufacture and distribution processes of our clients, we not only acquire an extensive professional expertise, we also learn how to cope with the huge responsibility involved in these complex processes. In other words, when you are responsible for everything that goes on in a factory or distribution center, you learn a few things about tracking...

Over the past years we've had the opportunity to work with many renowned market leaders, taking great pride of our success. For example, we have designed and developed one of the first truly paperless factories for Vickers-Aeroquip (now part of Eaton, Corp.) in Greenwood, SC. We have also automated a million square foot distribution center for K-Mart in Gaffney, SC, at that time the 2nd largest footwear DC in the world.

Today's competitive market demands closer alignment with technology, generating huge pressure on the executive personnel. You need full, real-time control over the manufacturing and distribution processes, managing your information in the most effective manner. Identifying this need, SDG designed innovative and dynamic methods to improve the way you manage and monitor these processes across all levels of your organization. Our solutions are designed to optimize technology performance, decrease overall operational costs, enhance profitability and accelerate your overall business growth.

Mission Statement

Our company's vision is to continue to provide all the services by which we've gained your trust and established our sound reputation. We'll continue our efforts to offer best-in-class services, based on collaboration and knowledge transfer. We'll work closely with our clients in defining their needs, planning their information technology and taking part in the implementation process. We'll strive to meet production schedules, increasing efficiency and transforming strategies into results. We'll keep our commitment to partnership, as well as contemporary thinking. Our technical expertise, knowledge and experience across multiple industries, uniquely positions us to lead our dynamic field.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee a sincere partnership in converting your vision into action, direction and focus, to identify key areas for improvement and achieving or exceeding target goals and project milestones.

We guarantee to provide the most professional, reliable customer support. We'll make every possible effort to achieve on-time, on-spec, and on-budget project delivery. Your success is our success!

SDG, Inc. guarantees diverse expertise in analyzing and monitoring complex information systems and business process issues. We also guarantee extensive know-how in project management methodologies, information technology planning and integration management. SDG, Inc. guarantees that any personal or business information you provide to us is Not Shared with any third parties involved in the processing of your project.

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