1L01GACCA0000000000. PCCA-0000 GACCH 07/19/05 11:40:54 - 07/19/05 11:40:53 000000000000 CYCLE INQUIRY RESPONSE ZC ORI/GACCA0000 OTN/000000000 SID/00000000 FBI/000000000 ARREST ORI/000000000 OCA/0000000 SRF/66666666 DOA/20040728 SOD/6 OTN/000000000 DOE, JOHN F ACH/01 CIT/16-5-21 AON/1318 ACH/02 CIT/16-11-37 AON/1386 JUDICIAL CCT/01 ORI/GA0000000 OCA/00SC00000 SOD/8 CDD/00000000 CIT/16-5-21 CON/1318 CDN/310 FIF/F CPR/5Y CCT/02 ORI/GA0000000 OCA/00SC00000 SOD/8 CDD/00000000 CIT/16-11-106 CON/5254 CDN/310 FIF/F CSS/5
Now, more than ever it is critical to have all facts at hand when making decisions regarding freedom versus protection of the community.

The growing demands on the CJIS community requires resources to be stretched and creative solutions to be found - all which depend upon information being available to support new processes.