clearView is an entirely scalable and truly robust WMS/FMS which controls/monitors all aspects of the operation of a warehouse or factory.

clearView is capable of communicating with and controlling:

  • conveyors
  • scanners (2D, RFID)
  • in-motion weighing devices
  • radio data terminals
  • robotic machining centers
  • high speed sorters
  • people

This is not a monolithic single program that must run on specific technology, but is neural in design to distribute processing to take advantage of whatever resources are available maximizing your investment and shortening your ROI.

The design yields true scalability making automatic process monitoring and control available to small and mid-sized manufacturing/assembly/inventory firms.


  • Industrially hardened high speed control subsystem
    • reliable
    • accessible
    • adaptible
    • real-time control of any high speed sorter/acquisition device
  • material-handling system monitor and control
    • CNC
    • carousels
    • robotics
    • RFID
    • scanner
    • conveyor
  • Fully EDI compliant
  • ASN Processing
  • On-demand receiving
  • wave/batch work planning
  • continual release work planning
  • real-time stock locator
  • real-time workcenter control panel
  • access from anywhere you allow
Intelligent and adaptive pick planning
  • location sequence
  • zone
  • fixed location
  • least travel
  • pick to clear
  • reserved locations
  • cube

Although clearView is a heavy weight enterprise system, it also is scalable and adaptible.

clearView offers template-driven workcenter creation that allows tracking of work by worker input (normally touchscreen and keyboard wedge scanner) where workcenter lacks data-capable devices.

Create workcenter routings 'on the fly' or interface with your ERP/MRP system.

Client list
  • Adidas
    Greenville, SC
  • Stride Rite
    Louisville, KY
  • K-Mart
    Gaffney, SC
  • K-Mart
    Los Angeles, CA
  • RGTI, Inc.
  • Hush Puppies
    Santiago, Chile
  • Vickers-Aeroquip
    Greenwood, SC