Your campaign is a startup business that springs to life under the most difficult of circumstances.

sysStasis is without peer in meeting the technical needs of your political campaign by:
  • online contact management that easily integrates with most other contact management software.
    Your key people can work with what they already have mastered.
  • online phone banking which distributes and synchronizes your efforts with the ability to collect and maintain information gathered during your outreach efforts.
  • tuneable, ordered and mapped walk lists (detail and area) in least travel and least crossed order. Alter concentration and distance based on age of volunteers/type of terrain/hours of effort
  • list protection with optional scanning device for human readable type. Scan your returns and remove them from your list. You may want votes from the deceased, but you shouldn't waste money mailing to them or trying to reach them on the phone.
  • web site / email campaign / mailing / phone call / push card integration. Good sentences are hard to come up with. You really oughta use the ones you have. No one's going to remember them, anyway.
  • effortlessly distribute your ideas across multiple media in a timed and controlled manner
  • track results of your outreach efforts to tune your race as events occur
sysStasis is without peer in analyzing your district and efficiently directing your message to those that will respond.

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