There are many parts to sysStasis, none of which run on your machine.

Its engine - a series of complex software applications written in many languages, running on many different computers - sits in a data center behind multiple firewalls and physical security barriers.

It has connectors to other machines and systems through which it pushes vast amounts of information using many different procotols such as html. xml, edi.

At its core is an industrially hardened framework of computing power that is designed and optimized to:
  • accept and seek information
  • store information in a manner which allows easy access and analysis
  • solve problems
  • make decisions
  • communicate in languages understood by intended recipients
This core has been functioning for the past 20 years in factories, assembly plants, distribution centers and warehouses across the Americas breaking processes into tasks and monitoring those tasks.

This technology now is available to you. sysStasis will guide you through your processes, keeping in touch with you on our web-site, through email, text message - or on the phone.

sysStasis will integrate with your existing tools - Outlook, ACT! Goldmine - and most others - putting information where you need it when you need it.

How can sysStasis help you?